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Hong Kong/ Macau

·         Patricia Lam is a freelancer who act as model, kol, actress, mascot, promoter girl, escort girl, advertising etc.
·         She took part in various aspect in kol job, e.g. foodie, beauty, technology, travel.
·         Her social platform mainly on Instagram and facebook, sometimes will make Instagram/facebook live. 
·         She enjoyed using different form to introduce the product, like making video, taking creative photo.
·         She was the final 15 in 2015 Miss Chinese Talent International Competition.
·         She likes sharing every moment of her life in social media.
·         She likes trying new restaurants and food in Hong Kong and outside Hong Kong, and she write reviews in Instagram, facebook, openrice, dianping and wechat friend group.
·         She promote travelling information of Macau too.
·         She liked interacting with audience and reply on their comment.

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