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My name is Sunshine LVEB and I am from Germany
I've grown up in Germany with a large and loving family.
I sing since I was a small child and I also sang in a choir some years. I have changed my life completely within the last years and now I finally made the step to start my own YouTube channel Sunshine LVEB just about about 2 month ago. I haven't been brave enough before. 😅
I like to travel and my next destinations are Finland and Japan
I studied before and now I work as a technical specialist for a large online company.
I am still learning how to balance work, music and family life.
I've got 2 rabbits and I used to have guineapigs before.
I love being in nature, doing sports to keep myself fit and spending time with my beloved ones
My Motto is: a caterpillar becomes a butterfly because my life has been very different before but now it feels like flying.

Viewers can take a look at my YouTube channel Sunshine LVEB and follow me on Instagram #sunshinelveb

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