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Hi! I am Zed! I play online games since 2013 i am attracted to games that includes gunfight and tactics. It all started when i discovered crossfire (PC). When i was younger i am just playing online games for fun, but as the time passes i realized that i should use my skills and knowledge in gaming in order to earn thru playing games so i decided to play competitively and started to join tournaments to gain experience and try to conquer the enemies. In 2017 there was a online game on mobile that became popular here in the philippines, the rules of survival. I played that game from season 0 - season 7 and i became part of the Veni Vici Vici Esports or commonly known as the VVV ESports. I was the team captain of the VICI Team with 5 Members (4main and 1 sub) and gained achievements from tournaments by other clans In 2019 the game Call of Duty mobile was released and i was able to play there competitively. I was able to participate in Grand Finals - Call of duty Clan invasion and luckily we became champions in the first major tournament of call of duty here in the philippines and i was in the clan FIRETEAM. But now i only play call of duty sometimes. And now 2020 i decided to try playing competitive in PUBG Mobile and i stand as a Team captain for Team 2 in our clan BETA Esports and we are currently participating in the PPNC (Philippine Pubg Mobile National Championship) and we are in Semi Finals. And i am striving for more achievements to claim!

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